StackAllocator< Type, Size > Member List

This is the complete list of members for StackAllocator< Type, Size >, including all inherited members.

address(reference x) const noexceptAllocatorBase< Type >inline
address(const_reference x) const noexceptAllocatorBase< Type >inline
allocate(size_t n)StackAllocator< Type, Size >inline
arena_StackAllocator< Type, Size >private
const_pointer typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
const_reference typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
construct(pointer p, const_reference value)AllocatorBase< Type >inline
construct(SubType *p, Args &&...args)AllocatorBase< Type >inline
deallocate(pointer p, size_t n) noexceptStackAllocator< Type, Size >inline
destroy(pointer p) const noexceptAllocatorBase< Type >inline
destroy(SubType *p) const noexceptAllocatorBase< Type >inline
difference_type typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
is_always_equal typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
max_size() const noexceptAllocatorBase< Type >inline
operator!=(const StackAllocator< Other, OtherSize > &other) const noexceptStackAllocator< Type, Size >inline
operator=(const StackAllocator &) noexcept=defaultStackAllocator< Type, Size >
operator=(StackAllocator &&) noexcept=defaultStackAllocator< Type, Size >
operator==(const StackAllocator< Other, OtherSize > &other) const noexceptStackAllocator< Type, Size >inline
pointer typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
propagate_on_container_move_assignment typedefAllocatorBase< Type >
reference typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
size_type typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >
StackAllocator classStackAllocator< Type, Size >friend
StackAllocator() noexceptStackAllocator< Type, Size >inline
StackAllocator(StackArena< Size > &arena) noexceptStackAllocator< Type, Size >inlineexplicit
StackAllocator(const StackAllocator< Other, Size > &other) noexceptStackAllocator< Type, Size >inline
StackAllocator(const StackAllocator &) noexcept=defaultStackAllocator< Type, Size >
StackAllocator(StackAllocator &&) noexcept=defaultStackAllocator< Type, Size >
value_type typedefStackAllocator< Type, Size >