LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase< ValueType, Comparator > Class Template Reference

Unguarded loser tree, keeping only pointers to the elements in the tree structure. More...

#include <loser_tree.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase< ValueType, Comparator >:
LoserTreePointerUnguarded< Stable, ValueType, Comparator > LoserTreePointerUnguarded< true, ValueType, Comparator >


struct  Loser
 Internal representation of a loser tree player/node. More...

Public Types

using Source = uint32_t
 size of counters and array indexes More...

Public Member Functions

 LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase (const Source &k, const ValueType &sentinel, const Comparator &cmp=Comparator())
 LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase (const LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase &other)=delete
LoserTreePointerUnguardedBaseoperator= (const LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase &)=delete
Source min_source ()
void insert_start (const ValueType *keyp, const Source &source, bool sup)
Source init_winner (const Source &root)
void init ()

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Source invalid_
 sentinel for invalid or finished Sources More...

Protected Attributes

Source ik_
 number of nodes More...
Source k_
 log_2(ik) next greater power of 2 More...
SimpleVector< Loserlosers_
 array containing loser tree nodes More...
Comparator cmp_
 the comparator object More...

Detailed Description

template<typename ValueType, typename Comparator = std::less<ValueType>>
class tlx::LoserTreePointerUnguardedBase< ValueType, Comparator >

Unguarded loser tree, keeping only pointers to the elements in the tree structure.

This is a base class for the LoserTreePointerUnguarded<true> and <false> classes.

No guarding is done, therefore not a single input sequence must run empty. This is a very fast variant.

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